Battery Recycling Services

We supply you with a welcome pack which contains all our company details, copies of licences, fax back collections forms and contract for the collection of batteries at agreed price

We determine the price for the batteries using a payment structure linked to the London Metal Exchange.


LME Lead trading price £1040.00 per tonne. You can access the lead price via the link provided on our contact page.

We pay 16% of this price which equates to £166.40 +VAT

The % is fixed but we will inform you on collection what the price is that day for trading.

The % is determined individually to each customer depending on the quantity of batteries produced annually.

This pricing structure is the most accurate and consistent way to pay for your batteries.

We pay for all batteries within 28days of collection.

We supply you free of charge container(s) and lids to store your batteries in. If we collect batteries in your containers they will be returned fully cleaned free of charge.

All our vehicles are equipped with manual handling equipment and weighing equipment so no inconvenience to yourselves.

Every quarter we will send you a copy of our Environment Agency quarterly returns.

We also offer a one off collection service.

All batteries collected are processed by a recycling company which individually sort the batteries, which is the most environmentally friendly option and also allows us to pay a better price for your batteries