Scrap Batteries

Welcome toHusky Batteries for all your scrap battery disposal needs

Husky Batteries aims to provide the UK with the best prices for old batteries. Our nationwide fleet of specialist vehicles collect and recycle your old batteries, through an environmentally-friendly, safety conscious process.

Scrap batteries contain significant levels of mercury, a highly toxic chemical which poses serious health risks. Battery recycling is the only safe way to dispose of your batteries. In the UK, we only recycle 3% of batteries, producing tonnes of dangerous, toxic waste. Our specialist fleet of vehicles have been built specifically to handle battery recycling, and UK-wide collections make recycling your batteries easy, even if you are not located near any battery recycling locations.

We offer a nationwide battery collection service using our purpose-built, up-to-date specialist vehicles, containing manual handling equipment to ensure safe transport and disposal. We pay the best prices in the UK for your batteries, using a payment structure linked to the London metal exchange, making battery recycling a financially sensible choice, as well as an environmentally friendly one.

We supply businesses with special, free-of-charge battery containers, suitable for locations such as supermarkets, scrap yards, and general recycling plants. And if we collect your batteries in our containers, we clean and return the containers free-of-charge.

We are fully licensed by the Environmental Agency, and our drivers are trained to high standards in COSHH regulations. Our strict health and safety training policies ensure that each battery processed is done with the utmost care, making Husky Batteries the North West’s first choice for safe battery disposal.